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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2010 7:30am-8:00am PST

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if not, i hope i am one of the other choices. >> ms. sweet. >> with 41 days left, it is hard to come out and say who it would be. i am going to punt on this question as well. i do not think any of us are going to give you the answer you are looking for. i have had the great fortune of sitting down with several of the candidates. several of us have the same types of ideas for district 10. we have the same principles that we are looking for. we have the same values. i know that there are several candidates that i have sat down with. we have had this discussion. it would not be fair or right to say anything about that today. there are still 41 days left. to knows what will happen? thank you. -- who knows what will happen? >> thank you. >> ms. smith.
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>> the two people i would choose would not be supported by the old guard or want to change their ways and do better. i do not know who is backing howhom. that would be the way i would determine it. i would find out where the money is coming from and to supporting the candidates. that is how i would make my decision. -- who is supporting the candidates. that is how i would make my own decision. i feel that all the candidates are great. we need a supervisor who has the courage to stand up and protect us. for too long, we have gone undetected. we need protection. that is why we have the hostilities in the district. no one is working for the people. when you cannot reach your elected representatives. thank you very much.
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>> ms. cohen. >> it is difficult to answer the question. i am looking at a person's values. do they love the community? what kind of work do they do? what is their background? are they supporting working families? will they support families with children? those are things that i am keyed into. how are they going to support the development and proliferation of open space? i have been very impressed with marlene tran. i think she has demonstrated a commitment to the community that has large numbers but rarely has so loud voice. she has been an amazing advocate
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for 30 years. she is a former teacher. marlene, stand up so that people can see you. [applause] >> ms. enea. you beat me to the punch. i wanted to give marlene a shout out. it is important that we have recanted it that it was out in the community before the campaign started. for me, it is extremely important to have eighths of a resin that understands land use and economic development. those are the two biggest issues we face. the shipyard alone has tremendous complex needs. i have been studying it for a long time. i served on the bayview project committee. i was on the shipyard restoration advisory board. as chair of my neighborhood association, i am going through an intense rezoning process.
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those of the qualities i am looking for. i think there will still be negotiating over the next few weeks. we will see where it shakes out. >> mr. jackson? >> i am probably not going to give you what you want either. there are several candidates that share my vision in making sure this stays a working-class neighborhood where plumbers, carpenters, and city workers can live. land use is a very important decision on who gets to live here and who does not. a much affordable housing we're building here. -- how much affordable housing are rebuilding here? are we working on access to health care and child care? that is a big determinant of who gets to live and work here. i want someone who gets beyond the buzz words and get deeper into what it will take to do community building. there are candidates not here at
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the table that i also like as well. it is really about housing, health care, child care, creating safe and sustainable neighborhoods. those are the types of candidates that i will be looking to support. >> mr. kelly? >> some of you might know my next-door neighbor, dick miller. he is voting for me, marlene tran, and ms. jackson. i want to give a shout out to others. there are a bunch of neighborhood candidates not here at the table tonight. there are candidates at the supper table. we know there are folks who've moved into the district to run. that is fine. that is democracy at work. i have no problem with that. we do need to ask one question
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that they need to answer. the real question is if you are going to move your home to run, i trust that you know the issues. i want to make sure that you are always going to keep the interests of the district of heart and not your own. if you move your home to run, how will you vote? >> mr. lacy. >> we need to make sure that whoever we support as a second or third person on the ballot would have a commitment to the district and the important issues we're discussing and also the ability to execute when they take office. it is another thing to know the issues and another thing to build a consensus necessary to get some of the issues passed and tackled when you reach city hall. those of the type of folks i would support. there are lots of credible candidates at the table and not
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present. i have a lot of respect for them as well. >> miss morris? >> you asked me about terrorism -- tourism. i tried to explain rank c hoice voting to my grandmother last night. m:ulñ the democratic process, your candidate will not be elected. that is okay. at least to engage in the democratic process. -- at least you engaged in the democratic process if you get confused, do geoffrea all the way through.
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[laughter] i am here because i am representing the people. i will listen to every side of the community. vote for geoffrea morris. >> we have a panel of diplomats, that is for sure. there was a story in the chronicle today about changing san francisco policy officially to one of cars last. do you support that change? >> do you mean decongestant tax -- a congestion tax? >> cars would be lost in priority. >> i like the idea of providing more transit providing muni ran on time and it did not take 40 minutes to get from here to visitation valley.
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i am an alternative fuel advocate. i love riding around town in my volkswagen that runs on vegetable oil. i was the number one in dorset of the bicycle coalition. -- endorser of the bicycle coalition. i would like to see less cars. i think if we can do that responsibly and sustainably, it would be a great way to go. i am for that. i like the idea. >> you probably all know my answer as well. i am a thorough advocate for public transportation. i think it is the best way to get around. is the most efficient. it does not cost as much as driving a car. i do own a car. when i read the article today, i realized that i needed to figure out ways to use public transportation more. in this city, that is going to
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be the way to go. if this article released manifest itself, we're going to be a city that will be transit first. you will be catching muni or some other form of public transportation. i love bart. i would love to see more people ride it and muni. these are things we can do to make the economy move better. i am a total public transit advocate. thank you. >> ms. smith. >> i love public transportation. i rarely take it because it does not work for me. that is true for most of the people i know. it is a shame. the meter feeding -- those of us to drive, have no choice. you know the story. we have to be mindful of the
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disabled, the elderly, people who are challenged mentally or physically. we need an entire infrastructure. there are other things that have to be in place first. with smart planning, yes. it should not be at the expense of others. the balance is important. >> i would like all of the women to think that to when they were pregnant -- back to when they were pregnant. can you imagine watching several blocks -- walking several blocks to get to a doctor's appointment? and the beneficiary of public transportation, public schools, and public libraries. i do believe that public transportation is the way we need to be going. when we look across the entire district, we have some serious
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public transportation challenges. in the southeast part of the district in visitation valley, when you muni made service cuts, and listened to chinese seniors lament the fact they had to walk and an additional two blocks. when i am writing on the bus, i see a single mother trying to negotiate getting on and off the bus with several children. i would like to see a more comprehensive approach to serving the writer should -- ridership. >> transit first, absolutely. i have had the good fortune to travel to cities around the country in the world. paris and london have tremendous public transportation systems. let's build transit first. cars last?
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no. i do not think we can pretend that making it hard to drive and park will make it so that people do not need to drive their cars. we need to be realistic. i am pretty sure i know who passed the first question about living 3.8 miles away from the grocery store. it was my neighbor down the street. i live in a place where there is nothing at all. no one's needs can be met with in the walking radiance. with a lot of hills. we have seniors. we have people with needs. let's serve the needs. let's build the transit first. a lot more carrot and a lot less stick. >> as a member of the community college board, we were able to cut the parking by half. we were able to do that because we had three bus stops. in district 10, you will never
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see the concentration of public transit. it is another unfunded mandate and buzz word to say "cars last." where is the grocery store? the fact of the matter is for us to get adequate grocers, we either go to walgreens or go to the 16th street safeway or tehe+iá>u? foodsco where you ct buy meat. it is a challenge to raise a family. you have to put in services first, public transit second, and then we can worry about cars. >> one reason why have the no. 2
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endorsement from the sierra club was the we spend too much of our land and resources on cars. we have eight times the asthma rate. a shorter life expectancy year. we have to get serious about addressing that. it is literally killing us. we need to make public transportation and other alternatives more attractive. we need to redesign our routes. we need dedicated lanes for bicycles and transit. we need better to language and access services. we need better shuttle buses and more reliable transfers. eventually, muni needs to be free to ride. we need to think big. >> i definitely think we need to
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put public transit -- more effort into fixing the public transit system. we need to expand on what our vision of public transit is the cannot only be muni. -- it cannot only be muni. folks need to be able to move about without too much hassle to there are a great number of folks in district 10 that are disabled seniors who cannot use the bicycle. we have got to use other things. we need to increase shuttle services increase services for seniors and disabled. >> you can appreciate muni because a.c. transi is barely
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showing up at the bus stop. our buses carry 7000 people a day. imagine all of us getting on the bus. i do not agree with "cars last." it should be a happy medium in concentrated areas. in residential areas, i do not think it is a great policy for us, nor would i want my 71-year- old grandmother on the bus with people of all kinds. you really have to ride muni to understand what the average driver has to deal with. no buses are working efficiently to deal with the amount of traffic we have. thank you. >> mr. maas. >> as a community organizer for
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the last 10 years, i winced when i saw the anti-caru##çuç in thr today. we walked to markets and showed them a spiral cfl. in most cases, they threw us out of their stores. you cannot make people do what they do not want to do. people depend upon cars. you can make it easier for them to do things they want to do. that is why we created the treasurer truck i. in the future, the cars will be smaller. they will be fuelled differently. we will be using them differently. the communities will be different in district 10 because that is what we want to do. it is our opportunity to seize.
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>> what can you do to improve public housing? >> what we can do and should be doing is ensuring that the residents of public housing have adequate housing. we need to make sure it is rehabilitated correctly. the renovation project is a prime example of how it should be done. the residents were taken care of first. then we will build. then they get to come back. those are the things we need to continue doing. in the past with public housing in the city, there were given certificates of preference and told the houses would be torn down and they could come back with the certificate. we have great-grandchildren
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holding on to the certificates because it did not manifest itself. one thing we could do is ensure that any time we're doing these types of renovations that we're going to make sure that those residents are adequately taken care of and have some work to move back to. >> i grew up in the housing projects. my mother told us this was temporary. my mother returned to school. she never said this is where we would be for ever. we swept in front of the projects. we have pride in where we lived. i want to see all housing projects eliminated. there has to be some training and preparing this done.
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-- preparedness done. if we leave them there, we're not creating a self-sufficient workforce. they're just waiting for the check to come in the mail. redevelopment says if you live and our property, you can stay and come back. this document alone has to have some monetary value. >> public housing. we have four out of the five large projects in the community. the mayor's office is partnered with community developers and residents on the rebuild. i have been serving for the last 1.5 years and listening and attending planning sessions
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doing the rebuild in visitation valley. one thing i do know is that we must preserve housing. housing needs to be adequate, clean, and safe. we need to have appropriate landscaping. public housing is not viewed as a landing place. we need to change our cultural attitude about public housing. we need to encourage people to develop pathways to move away from public housing. >> ms. enea. hunters viy neighborhood. i have been intimately involved in watching the project as a neighbor and a member of the bayview project committee. i think a lot of the ideas are
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right. the right size and programs are very good. the one-for-one replacement is very important. the right to return is very important. i do think there's more that we can do. with the rebuilds the next in the queue, we can do more to prepare our residents. i met several times with stephanie. she said that if you have lived in public housing and never have to pay rent, you know you are supposed to but no one comes to collect it. if you do not pay, if you suddenly get kicked out. you have to plan further ahead. >> mr. jackson. >> the first important part is insuring that every president -- resident, after the
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construction is done, there are enough units for every resident to move back. that is not guaranteed in every project. it is not guaranteed that every single resident can move back. that is the first thing. the second thing is in terms of public safety. if someone needs an emergency transfer, they should not have to wait on average eight months. that endangers their public safety. i would call the management company of all of these public houses and saving need to do a much better job of improving the plight of housing residents. it is not just enough to look at the physical development of public housing. we have to look at the human capital and development. that is why we have worked hard to put community college classes in public housing. >> i agree with all of them.
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the simplest answer to the question that is that we need to fund it and put resources into it right away. i have been building support for the project allove over potrero hill on all sides. there is competition for who will go next. that is wrong. both of these are the oldest and most rundown in the city. we need to do something more about that. would he kill us to accelerate through building -- would kill us to accelerate the rebuilding? we cannot tell either of these projects they need to wait until 2018. the kids will be grown up and have left or worse.
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we need to get serious. >> one of the major issues with public housing is making sure it is appropriately funded. we need to be able to fund that. qz evern to get federal money put into it to support the rebuilding and development i agree with mr. jackson about looking at the human capital. we need to allow some of the folks who live there to work as contractors or have jobs to rebuild the places. that restores the pride when you get to rebuild your own home and get to live in it after that. i think that is a way that we can improve the public housing
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in san francisco. >> i feel like i enclose the connected with this being a social worker for the welfare department. i work in public housing every day. the most important thing is that sf is a great model. it is replacing at 141. it is also providing some money wraparound services. -- it is replacing at one for one. it is also providing so many wraparound services. the problem is that we no longer should have areas with high density of poverty. that has been a problem with public housing. public housing should be a stepping stone. it should not be your final destination.
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if it is, you should have the pride and services to live a suitable life like most of those live in san francisco. >> i have walked for all of the public housing complexes. i participated in the development processes. the city should be ashamed of ourselves. as has been mentioned, these projects are not financed. we spend a lot of money planning and allowing teenagers to decide where a basketball court will be planted, but we do not have money to pay for the basketball court. looking at the entire length of district 10, that is true. we need a supervisor to step up and find a way to get the funding and financing necessary to take what is a formally
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financing industrial area not created for human habitation and bring it up to snuff. whether it is public schools or safety. it is time we stepped up in a very much larger way. this needs to be solved regionally. >> thank you. i could not agree more with ñ about human capital. steve is right. this is one of the most atrocious things that san francisco has. it is horrific that folks have to live like this, and they have to wait until 2014, 2017, 2018, 2020. we should do something about it now, and i love the idea about a cooperative model where communities can take charge of these things themselves and partner with others to do this. another thing others have not mentioned -- the housing thing is pretty horrible. i know we lost federal money. i know it


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